Embarking on a linguistic journey can be both thrilling and rewarding, and if you are considering learning Danish, you're in for a treat! Danish is a captivating language with its unique pronunciation, rich cultural heritage, and the friendly people who speak it. There are many ways to take a language bath but you will soon see none is as exciting and fun as the social learning we offer. So, let us dive in to some facts about learning Danish! How else could you ever understand what Hygge is all about?



We are sure you have heard about unleashing the power of digital learning. The internet opens up a world of possibilities, no doubt about that. But let’s see what especially the various learn Danish apps and platforms and websites promise and what is the reality:
Socially Focused– The biggest problem most schools that teach Danish have is not having Socializing as the goal, which is the expectations of 99% of students when learning a new language. It is crazy, so we set out to solve this problem ourselves. Teachers and students came together with a startup founder to create the Social Danish Program. Where we ask teachers to write their own criteria based on their personal social lives, with common Danish phrases, customs, norms, accents, shortened words, and more.
Abundance of resources at your fingertips – Exactly where does one find these so-called resources? We know many people who turn to us frustrated they cannot quickly learn, say, how a verb works in each person form. Plus, navigating a list of additional reading and links to “other resources” is not exactly as inviting as just asking someone to write down and explain what puzzles your mind. Our tutors are your abundant resources, always willing to answer your questions and explain.
Engaging and interactive lessons – We do not call “interactive” you repeating words after the speaker of the app, and normally not even hearing your own pronunciation. Yet alone get someone to correct it, so you do not carry your local tonality to Danish. We listen and correct, get you practice with other students till you master the situation and accent. You also get to choose the subjects; we do the teaching!
Get to know other students – Virtual classrooms are just what the name tells, virtual. Wouldn’t you rather talk with real people in the physical world? Who knows, some of them may even become your new best friends, which is unlikely to happen with virtual classmates. Dore.app offers you the chance to make lifelong friendships and never feel you are learning alone.
We are confident you already see the point! We offer you the perfect way to learn how to speak Danish with real convenience, abundant resources provided by your teachers, truly interactive and engaging lessons, and all in a fun and exciting social setting with your fellow classmates. Our students have been thrilled by the experience and stunned with the results!

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Teacher at Danish language class


We often get asked how hard is it to learn Danish? Naturally learning any new language presents challenges, and Danish is no exception. However, with the right mindset and approach, you can conquer the hurdles and enjoy the process. Danish pronunciation, characterized by its soft sounds and unique letters, might seem daunting at first. But fear not! Engaging in social learning, conversing with native Danish teachers and then with average Danes in your day-to-day setting will help you master the intricacies of Danish pronunciation with ease.
Naturally, some perceive learning anything new hard, and for others it is a piece of cake. That also applies to learning Danish. However, with the right mindset and approach, you can overcome any challenges. Danish grammar might present some complexities, but with consistent practice with us and exposure to the language, you will navigate through it successfully. Some claim that the hardest language to learn is Danish – come and see that is not the case, at least not when you learn it with us in Dore.app!


Another thing we get asked on daily basis is how long does it take to learn Danish. If you do it the old-fashioned way the answer is months, in the best case – but we know an excellent short cut! With the social learning of Dore.app and our dedicated tutors you start to talk the very first day! And with the real Danish accent – not Spanish, Finnish, or whatever is your native language! Super, isn’t it? Learning Danish has never been this simple and fast.
We set realistic expectations. The time it takes to learn Danish varies depending on many factors, such as your previous language learning experiences, dedication, and the participation you bless us with. With our regular social learning meetings and practice, daily immersion to local society, you can start having basic conversations within the very first day you join us! As your language skills develop, you will progress to more advanced levels, can have deeper conversations, and learn more about the secrets Danes think they have reserved for themselves!


We provide effective strategies for success to make your Danish learning experience fruitful and enjoyable. Immersion is the key! By joining our social learning you get to surround yourself with Danish culture, music, movies, and literature. You practice your Danish skills in our classes through conversation, role play of daily situations, and then take what you learn to your next similar social meeting with native Danes or running your errands in Danish, get a doctor’s appointment done with flying colours and jam the night away at a party. Our students come from many walks of life but they all testify that our courses have been the greatest boost to integration to local Danish society, culture, and traditions.

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Asking Locals for Directions
Express yourself
Social DAnish
class three and four

expressing yourself

In Class three, you will learn how to make appointments for reservations or with your GP. In Class four, you will learn to chat with Danes on Social Media.

class four

Post On Social Media

In our final class we will help you learn how to talk on Social Media with other Danes.

Learn to chat
Social DAnish


“I wanted to say thank you for providing such a wonderful experience. I'm going to miss it when I'm gone. My goal is to find a tutor back home so I don't lose out on all the progress.

Wishing you the best and I'm glad to have met you.

Bilou, Email”
“For me, this is a unique opportunity to start speaking Danish without having to study it as a subject. Pronunciation is very important and helpful for anyone learning Danish. It is especially difficult for everyone to correctly pronounce Danish names and names of streets, stops, cities. Today I would like to express my deep gratitude to you.1 really liked that Social Danish Classes is a creative and interactive project in which the students themselves can choose the topic of learning.

”Hannah, Email”

“Can definitely recommend
I was looking for a class that offers a more personal approach to learning danish, especially when it comes to speaking. I struggled with pronunciation at the regular Danish classes and Dore helped me in gaining confidence with their pronunciation classes and city walks classes. I had a lot of fun as well!

Bianca Barozzi, Trustpilot”
“Very useful classes!

They focus not on the textbook Danish, but on the real-life every-day use of the language. Teachers are friendly, nice, and create a super cozy learning environment. There is room for all levels and everyone learns a lot. It's especially useful if you already have a relatively good level of Danish but you lack confidence to speak! They put a lot of focus on pronunciation and on the speaking part of Danish.

Emilio, Trustpilot”


Unlock the secrets of Danish, Danes, and local way of life. Learn with us in Copenhagen and immerse yourself in the heart of the language at the heart of the country! If you are seeking an authentic Danish learning experience, there's no better place than Copenhagen, the vibrant capital of Denmark. Enrol in our social Danish language courses and come to engage in conversations with locals. Watch your language skills soar while enjoying the wonders of this enchanting city.


First, we ask you to join us for a FREE introductory lesson. You can do it conveniently on our website. This free lesson is held every Sunday at the Talent Garden, where you will get a taste of what is on our menu and how we operate. You meet out professional tutors, GITTE MØLBÆK and LIVA JENSEN and other people who, like you, want to be on the fast-track to learning and speaking Danish…and not only! They also want to learn what this tiny country is made of, what makes the Danes tick, and how to best integrate into the local setting.

Then you are ready to register for our course…most of those who arrive to our free lesson choose to continue, and we know why. Our classes are at our campus, the Talent Garden, every weekend from 16:00 to 19:00. Classes cost 400 DKK per student.

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Talk with cashier


While many schools attempt to teach students to learn Danish fast, we deliver at a much faster and effective pace. We discovered that for unleashing language learning potential and accelerating Danish language learning journey, certain techniques can be extremely helpful and extremely efficient. Therefore, we make sure you get to combine regular study sessions with practical immersion experiences outside of classroom. Together with you, we set achievable targets, focus on specific language skills and daily situations, integrate Danish into your daily life. Our students have been amazed by the results, convenience, speed and fun we offer.

Come embrace the power of social learning, seize opportunities to practice, and celebrate every milestone reached. With dedication, enthusiasm, and an efficient learning approach, you will be conversing confidently in Danish before you know it! So, get ready to embark on this linguistic adventure, discover the wonders of learning Danish and experience the joy of speaking it with confidence – Social Danish learning awaits at Dore!
class three and four

expressing yourself

In Class three, you will learn how to make appointments for reservations or with your GP. In Class four, you will learn to chat with Danes on Social Media.

class four

Post On Social Media

In our final class we will help you learn how to talk on Social Media with other Danes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does our course differ from other danish courses?


For anyone considering delving into the captivating world of the Danish language, understanding the distinctions between different learning offerings is paramount. The nuances that separate our Danish course from other language learning options are what truly drive the student's success. Offering a tailored, interactive, and sociable language learning experience, our courses are targeted to cater to each individual's needs and progress. This approach allows students to immerse themselves in Danish society while having fun along the way.

First and foremost, our Danish course is unique in its approach to creating an engaging, interactive learning environment. We understand that traditional online language learning platforms might offer convenience, but they lack the real-time interaction and feedback crucial to mastering a new language. Language learning isn't merely about memorizing words or phrases - it's about communication, interaction, and understanding the cultural context behind those words. That's where we come in. Our tutors are more than just a resource; they're mentors who are ready to answer your questions, provide corrections, and help you navigate through the language journey.

In contrast to the virtual classrooms provided by online learning platforms, our Danish course offers a tangible, social experience. There's something incredibly valuable about learning in the presence of other people - a certain camaraderie forms that only enhances the learning experience. You're not just learning from your tutor, but from your fellow classmates as well, providing a multitude of perspectives that you simply can't get from an app. These connections can also extend beyond the classroom, fostering friendships and providing a support network as you delve deeper into Danish society.

The next question you may ask is, "how can I keep up with the pace of the class?" Well, our Danish course employs an effective strategy that makes language learning both manageable and enjoyable. One of the most distinctive features of our course is the concept of 'social learning.' This method involves practicing Danish in real-life situations outside the classroom, providing an immersive experience that isn't easily replicated by other language learning methods. Whether it's scheduling a doctor's appointment, shopping at a local market, or having casual conversations with native Danes, each interaction reinforces what you've learned, helping to cement Danish into your everyday life.

Moreover, we understand that language learning doesn't occur in a vacuum - it's intertwined with understanding the culture, traditions, and societal nuances of the people who speak that language. That's why our Danish course doesn't just focus on linguistic skills; it provides a holistic understanding of Danish society. This is an element often overlooked by many language schools, but we believe it's essential to gaining a comprehensive understanding of the language and forming meaningful connections with Danish people.

Moreover, the testimonials from our past students attest to the effectiveness of our methods. They commend the interactive nature of our classes, the focus on pronunciation and speaking, and the comfortable, welcoming environment we provide. The trust we've earned from our students is the driving force behind our commitment to continually improving and refining our courses.

Lastly, learning Danish with us isn't just about language proficiency - it's about understanding Danish life in its essence. We're situated in Copenhagen, the heart of Denmark, offering an opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture while improving your Danish skills. Our location provides a unique advantage for those looking for an authentic Danish learning experience.