Integration classes

Learn to talk to Cashiers, Doctors, and more.

Gitte Mølbæk will help students learn to make appointments, place orders, ask for directions, & more.

- Speaking With Cashiers
- Placing orders at restaurants
- Asking Danes for Directions at the Metro
- Making Appointments

600 DKK for each student to join the program. The program consists of 6 Classes (2 per day),
once a week

50% off all refferals at (300dkk)

Location: Talent Garden Denmark

Date: Every Sunday

Time: 12.00PM-18.00PM

Location: Talent Garden Denmark
Date: Saturday 25th of February
Time: 12.00PM-15.00PM

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For any questions, you can contact River Gandour at or ring 91871258

Asking Locals for Directions