social danish

class mission

class one and TWO

walk in the city

In Class one & two we teach you how to speak with cashiers & staff members in Butiks or resturants. Afterwards, we will all go as a group to order at Netto and street food stalls.

Walk in the city
Talk with cashier
Social Danish
Express yourself
class three and four

directions and chatting

In Class three, we will help you as a group to ask Danes for directions in the metro. And for our finale, Class four, we will casually chat with volunteer Danes in our class.

Express yourself
Social DAnish
class three and four

expressing yourself

In Class three, you will learn how to make appointments for reservations or with your GP. In Class four, you will learn to chat with Danes on Social Media.

class four

Post On Social Media

In our final class we will help you learn how to talk on Social Media with other Danes.

Learn to chat
Social DAnish
meet the teacher

meet your teacher

Meet Gitte Mølbæk, your full-of-life Danish teacher who's here to help you on your journey to integrate into Danish Society

Meet the teacher
Social DAnish
Recreate this City
Social DAnish
Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 41

Practice at Talent Garden

Located north of Christianhavn, this is a campus where people with great ideas & even greater execution come to make.