Social Danish

Become fluent fast and bring out your personality!

Join our program with our wonderful Danish mentors for 8 Online Sessions and 2 Social Events per month.

- Learn the 2,500 most common words in Danish!
- Partake in bi-monthly events and Social Games
- Join group activities in resturants, parks, & more!
- Gain confidence and express yourself naturally.

The content of these classes are not taught in schools, every session is based on each student's needs.

Our focus is to get you to Socialize here in Denmark.

999 DKK per student to join 9 virtual sessions you can select the timings for and 1 Social Event per month.

Price: 999kr for 9 Sessions and 1 Social Event

Sessions: 30 minute virtual sessions & two 2 hour Social Danish Events.

Location: Talent Garden Denmark
Date: Saturday 25th of February
Time: 12.00PM-15.00PM

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River Gandour at

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